Boardable Board Management Software

An Introduction to the Boardable Board Management Software

Online meeting tools like Boardable are especially useful if you host regular board meetings or executive meetings. The solution centralizes board work and increases efficiency. Here is more about software functionality and benefits. 

Boardable – a new reality of an online business communication

To manage a company well, it is necessary to make the right decisions and implement them effectively. This process involves the contribution and assistance of different employees of the company and the board of directors. Accordingly, one of the ways to bring people together to work productively and implement the plan is to hold meetings. However, having board meetings remotely via videoconference will be valid only if the following conditions are met:

  • identification of persons participating in the meeting, 
  • uninterrupted broadcasting, 
  • the possibility of fixing the decisions taken at such a meeting in electronic form and respecting the interests of all participants.

So, as we can see, arranging a board meeting is a complex task. However, nowadays, innovative approaches can optimize and automate such a procedure. The Boardable board management software is a perfect example of such an approach. 

This digital platform is an enterprise-level solution for document collaboration and communications designed to serve nonprofits worldwide. The software can be used for data exchange, booking resources, meeting rooms, and scheduling tasks. In addition, the software is integrated with the corporate address book and supports hierarchy levels: for example, you can send a message to one employee or an entire department, create a group chat with different employees, or based on existing groups.

Boardable benefits for online business communication

Boardable board management software is one of the leading solutions in the board software market according to the following advantages:

  • Efficient data management. By logging in, board member can find their documents, prepare for meetings, engage in between-meeting discussions, co-write documents, assign tasks, schedule meetings and events, and more. It is all in one location and very well organized.
  • Generating agendas. The meeting software offers a simple, intuitive setup and the option to view and share the respective agendas. In addition to a meeting page and various discussion methods, the solution contains additional functions to simplify business-critical meetings.
  • Friendly interface. Participants can take tests, view the schedule, get acquainted with useful platform materials, and communicate with other users between broadcasts. The users can simultaneously watch not only a video broadcast but also a block with speaker presentations on one screen. Registration forms can be adapted to the meetings in advance and sent by e-mail.
  • Security. Access control takes place via selected rights that an administrator can assign.
  • Flexible pricing policy. The solution is adaptable and scalable and offers various pricing models and custom company packages to suit your company and application areas.
  • Monitoring and data analysis. A modern platform allows you to conduct and evaluate the event’s effectiveness. For this, a KPI system is being developed. Many formal and informal features make it possible to speak with confidence about the level of audience involvement and present this data to the customer in the form of understandable graphics.

Consequently, the Boardable management solution is a win-win solution for arranging online meetings of executive bodies. The service combines functionality and ease of use, extensive administration, control, and corporate data protection.


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